Turn Points and Credits into Rewards

      Redeem your accumulated points for a range of free items, from tech gadgets to lifestyle essentials.

      Redeem Points for Free Products of Your Choice

      From tech essentials to lifestyle must-haves, find your perfect match and redeem your Loyalty Points.

      Redeem Points for Gift Cards of Your Choice

      Choose from a wide range of popular retailers and brands of gift cards.

      Redeem Points for Your Next Purchase

      Convert your Loyalty Points to redeem towards your next purchases on Marketplace and Uvation Services Platform.

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      Redeem Points for Free Products

      Redeem Points for Free Products

      Browse our curated selection of free products redeemable with Loyalty Points. From tech essentials to lifestyle must-haves. Find your perfect match and redeem your points today.


      Redeem Points for Gift Cards

      Turn your Loyalty Points into valuable gift cards of your choice. Choose from a wide range of popular retailers and brands, allowing you to treat yourself or surprise a loved one.

      Redeem Points for Gift Cards
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      Stretch Your Savings with USP Credits

      Stretch Your Savings with USP Credits

      Reduce your invoice amount by applying USP Credits towards your new subscription, your next monthly bill, or even new trials on USP.


      Redeem Points for Marketplace Purchases

      Redeem your Loyalty Points towards your next Marketplace purchases and dive into a shopping adventure with Uvation.

      Redeem Points for Marketplace Purchases
      $5-$2,000 Gift Card of Your Choice

      Unlock a Shopping Spree with a Free Gift Card

      Choose a free gift card of your choice from our selection of over 250 different brands.


      Everything You Need to Know about Redeem

      If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

      What if I have trouble redeeming my points or credits?

      If you encounter any issues redeeming your points or credits, feel free to contact Uvation Rewards customer support. Our team is happy to assist you and ensure a smooth redemption experience.

      Can I redeem my points and credits together for a single reward?

      Some rewards may allow combining points and credits, while others might require one type or the other. Check the redemption details for each reward to confirm.

      Where can I find a list of all available rewards?

      You can find a comprehensive list of all available rewards within Uvation Rewards. The platform will showcase all redeemable options and their corresponding point or credit requirements.

      What happens if my points and credits expire before I redeem them?

      Unfortunately, expired points and credits cannot be redeemed for any rewards. Be sure to check your points and credits balance regularly and plan your redemptions before the expiration date.

      Can I return or exchange a redeemed reward?

      The return or exchange policy for redeemed rewards may vary depending on the specific item. We recommend checking the return policy for the chosen reward before finalizing your redemption.

      How long does it take to receive my redeemed reward?

      Free products and gift cards may have different processing and shipping times. You'll receive specific details upon confirmation of your redemption.

      Is there a minimum redemption amount for points or credits?

      Yes, there may be a minimum redemption amount required depending on the reward you choose. You'll see this information clearly displayed when browsing available rewards.

      How much are my points and credits worth?

      We typically offer a clear conversion rate (100 points equals $1 in rewards) so you can easily track your progress towards desired items.

      What can I redeem my Loyalty Points and USP Credits for?

      You can redeem your points and credits for exciting rewards like free products, gift cards, discounts, and more!

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