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      Enjoy exclusive benefits like loyalty points, service platform credits, and gift card opportunities with each purchase you make at Uvation. Our rewards program makes choosing Uvation the smarter decision.


      Simply login into your account & buy the things you are already purchasing.

      Earn Points and Credits

      Earn Loyalty Rewards Points & USP Credits with every purchase.

      Redeem Your Rewards

      Redeem your Loyalty Rewards on things on things you need or love.


      Central Hub to collect Points & Redeem Products

      Earn points with every purchase you make. Points can be used towards orders during checkout or redeemed for a qualifying item.

      Central Hub to collect Points & Redeem Products

      USP Credits

      For every purchase made on Marketplace, you receive USP Credits, which can be redeemed for a variety of items and gift cards of your choice.

      USP Credits

      Loyalty Points

      For every Marketplace and USP purchase, you earn Loyalty Points, which can be redeemed for various items, preferred gift cards, or even donate to the charity of your choice.

      Loyalty Points


      Want to rack up even more points and snag those amazing rewards? Complete our Bonus Points Tasks! It’s a fun and easy way to boost your points balance and get you closer to redeeming.

      Pick Your Perfect Perk

      Pick Your Perfect Perk

      You can claim a free product of your choice from our selection of over 100 exciting items. Browse our curated collection and discover something perfect for you.


      Unlock a Shopping Spree with a Free Gift Card

      Choose a free gift card of your choice from our selection of over 250 different brands. Explore a world of possibilities and treat yourself to something you've been eyeing.

      Unlock a Shopping Spree with a Free Gift Card
      Donate to charity with your Loyalty Points

      Donate to charity with your Loyalty Points

      Turn your loyalty points into acts of kindness. With Uvation Rewards Donations, support causes close to your heart by converting points into charitable donations.


      Get the Most Out of Your Tier

      Learn about your tier to discover exclusive benefits and personalized offers tailored to your loyalty level.

      Get the Most Out of Your Tier

      Discover More to Redeem Promotions

      Begin your rewarding journey with Uvation. Discover exclusive promotions and personalized experiences. Join now and unlock endless possibilities.

      250,001+ Loyalty Points
      $5,000 USP Credit
      $2,000 Gift card of choice
      $5,000 in Product value
      Premium Discounts

      Enjoy special discounts and savings on a wide range of products and services

      Exclusive Rewards

      Receive exclusive rewards such as loyalty points, giftcards, products, credits and discounts with your purchases as part of our promotional offers

      Early access

      Gain early access to new product releases exclusively through our rewards program


      Everything You Need to Know about Uvation Rewards

      If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

      How long does it take for the charity to receive my donation?

      Uvation Rewards typically processes point donations promptly. The timeframe for the charity to receive the funds may vary depending on their internal procedures.

      What types of charities can I donate my points to?

      Uvation Rewards partners with a wide range of reputable charities across various causes. You can search our extensive list by category or use the area code filter to find local organizations.

      What happens if a promotion ends before I use my earned rewards?

      Any earned rewards through a promotion will still be valid for redemption as long as you claim them within the specified timeframe mentioned in the promotion details.

      Where can I find information about current promotions?

      You can find a dedicated "Promotions" page on our portal. This page will clearly list the spending thresholds, corresponding rewards offered, and any relevant terms or conditions.

      Where can I find a list of all available rewards?

      You can find a comprehensive list of all available rewards within Uvation Rewards. The platform will showcase all redeemable options and their corresponding point or credit requirements.

      How much are my points and credits worth?

      We typically offer a clear conversion rate (100 points equals $1 in rewards) so you can easily track your progress towards desired items.

      What can I redeem my Loyalty Points and USP Credits for?

      You can redeem your points and credits for exciting rewards like free products, gift cards, discounts, and more!

      How can I earn USP Credits?

      USP Credits are earned specifically through purchases made on USP. The more you shop on USP, the more USP Credits you'll collect!

      How can I earn Loyalty Points?

      Earn points by shopping on USP, shopping on Marketplace, or completing tasks in the Earn section.

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