Unleash Rewards with Uvation Promotions

      Discover a line-up of exciting promotions designed to reward your purchases on both the Marketplace and USP.

      Loyalty Points

      Boost your rewards with Loyalty Points. Redeem them for a wide variety of exciting rewards.

      USP Credits

      Earn USP Credits to instantly reduce your cart total on USP products.

      Free Products of Choice

      Choose a free product from our curated selection with this exclusive promotion.

      Free Gift Cards of Choice

      Choose a free gift card from your preferred brands and treat yourself a shopping spree.

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      Get Ready to Supercharge Your Shopping Experience

      Explore a range of rewarding promotions for purchases on the Marketplace and USP. Unlock bonus Loyalty Points, valuable USP Credits, free products, and gift cards from top brands.

      Unlock Extra Loyalty Points with Promotion

      Unlock Extra Loyalty Points with Promotion

      Earn Loyalty Points with Uvation Promotions. These points can be redeemed later for a fantastic selection of rewards, including gift cards, merchandise, and exclusive experiences. 


      Save Big on Your Next USP Purchase

      Our promotions offer additional valuable USP Credits. Apply these credits towards your next purchase on USP and enjoy instant savings on the products you love.

      Save Big on Your Next USP Purchase
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      Pick Your Perfect Perk

      Pick Your Perfect Perk

      You can claim a free product of your choice from our selection of over 100 exciting items. Browse our curated collection and discover something perfect for you.


      Unlock a Shopping Spree with a Free Gift Card

      Choose a free gift card of your choice from our selection of over 250 different brands. Explore a world of possibilities and treat yourself to something you've been eyeing.

      Unlock a Shopping Spree with a Free Gift Card

      Everything You Need to Know about Promotions

      If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

      What if I have a question about a specific promotion?

      For any further inquiries about specific promotions, feel free to reach out to Uvation Rewards customer support. Our team is happy to clarify any doubts and ensure a smooth promotional experience.

      How do I know if I've been awarded the rewards from a promotion?

      Once you complete a qualifying purchase under a promotion, you'll receive a confirmation email or notification within the app informing you of the earned rewards.

      Can I see past promotions I participated in?

      Past promotions and their details are available for viewing within your account in Rewards portal. Additionally, you can also keep an eye on the "Promotions" page for new offers.

      What happens if a promotion ends before I use my earned rewards?

      Any earned rewards through a promotion will still be valid for redemption as long as you claim them within the specified timeframe mentioned in the promotion details.

      How long do the Uvation Promotions typically last?

      Promotions have varying durations. Some might be active for a short period, while others may last for several weeks. The specific timeframe will be clearly displayed for each promotion.

      Do promotions apply to all products on USP and the Marketplace?

      There might be some exclusions on specific products or categories that qualify for promotional rewards. Be sure to review the details of each promotion for any limitations.

      Can I combine multiple promotions in a single purchase?

      Unfortunately, no. You can only participate in one promotion per purchase.

      Where can I find information about current promotions?

      You can find a dedicated "Promotions" page on our portal. This page will clearly list the spending thresholds, corresponding rewards offered, and any relevant terms or conditions.

      How can I participate in the Uvation Promotions?

      Simply make a qualifying purchase on either the USP platform or the Marketplace to unlock available promotions.

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