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Technology Services

Harness the full power of your IT infrastructure

The full package of professional services designed to facilitate the use of technology by your enterprise and end users. We provide specialized technology-oriented solutions by combining the processes and functions of software, hardware, networks, telecommunications and electronics.


Custom applications can give you automation, enhanced functionality, and customer connection you need to propel your business to the next level. By going with a customized solution, you avoid settling for an off-the-shelf solution that ends up forcing you to “put a round peg in a square hole.” With Uvation, you can have your app designed to your specifications, from scratch, and in-line with your most important objectives.

Business Resiliency

For every minute of downtime, the average business loses about $5,600, according to Gartner. When minutes add up to hours, and hours add up to days, costs can quickly skyrocket out of control. Even though attaining resiliency and continuity comes with a range of benefits, the ultimate objective is to reduce or eliminate downtime. The good news is that no matter how complex—or simple—your IT infrastructure is, Uvation can guide you to greater resiliency and continuity.


The cloud serves as an extension of computing resources as well as a fertile ground for growing new business initiatives. With the cloud, small organizations can wield the power of larger enterprises, and big companies can discover fresh ways of improving their services, as well as the experience of their staff and other stakeholders. The cloud enables companies, regardless of size or where they are in their growth cycle, to create, manage, and maintain business solutions with a minimal upfront investment.

Data Center

Upgrading from an initial server installation to a data center can help your business grow from small beginnings to an enterprise-level competitor. Whether you intend to maintain your own data center, outsource the role entirely, or collocate your own hardware in a hosted facility, you can harness the computing power your business needs to thrive through the strategic deployment of your assets. Centralize your organization’s IT operations and secure your most critical proprietary assets in a unique server environment. Both physical and virtual infrastructures are available for your workloads.

Managed IT

Using managed IT services can free up your IT team to invest their valuable time in supporting your organization’s growth and fine-tuning existing systems. Whether you choose to use managed service providers (MSPs) only for specific, mundane tasks or to manage the bulk of your IT structure, leveraging managed IT services enables you to invest less time in repetitive IT tasks and more time towards business-critical objectives. MSPs can serve as the foundation for all your IT needs or focus solely on cybersecurity initiatives. You can also take an a la carte approach, selecting services as needed.

Workforce Enablement

Workforce enablement involves empowering companies to get more done while spending less and making more. This involves leveraging technology, policies, and principles to make a business more productive and efficient. Many businesses are still in the process of completing their digitalization. For these, workforce enablement offers significant, immediate pay-off, as technology is put to work to enhance core systems. However, even for companies that already incorporate digital tools to drive and support operations, workforce enablement provides them with a fresh look at business problems, as well as the tools needed to address them.

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