• Elevate Your Business with Azure Stack

      Elevate Your Business with Azure Stack

      Leverage the power of Azure’s capabilities to accelerate digital progress at your organization.

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      Reen Singh

      Chief Technology Officer


      Kevan Carbaugh

      Datacenter and Infrastructure


      Anupam Prakash

      Program Manager


      Darren Schnabel

      Business Development

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      With Azure Stack, combine the scale and capabilities of Azure with the control and security of your own environment, providing a consistent hybrid cloud experience.

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      On-Demand Services

      Azure Stack provides instant access to a wide range of services, enabling rapid deployment and scalability of applications across cloud environments.


      Azure Stack allows businesses to optimize their cloud spend, providing a pay-as-you-go model that aligns with your usage and needs.

      Advanced Analytics

      Azure Stack empowers businesses with machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities, driving actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

      Consistent Hybrid Experience

      Access a seamless hybrid cloud experience by integrating the flexibility of Azure with the control of local data centers.

      Regulatory Compliance

      With Azure Stack, you can be confident in your ability to remain compliant with both local and global data regulations.

      Integrated Development Environment

      Azure Stack provides a unified application development platform, enabling consistent DevOps processes across cloud and on-premises environments.


      • Azure Resource Manager

        A key feature of Azure Stack, the Azure Resource Manager simplifies the deployment and management of resources, streamlining administrative tasks and improving operational efficiency.

      • Azure Functions

        Azure Functions enable serverless computing, allowing developers to build and run applications without the need to manage infrastructure, enhancing scalability and flexibility.

      • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

        Azure Stack's RBAC feature ensures secure access management, providing precise control over who can access resources, ensuring data security and compliance.

      • Azure Service Fabric

        This microservices platform allows developers to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable applications, significantly enhancing application lifecycle management.


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      • Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform from Microsoft that allows businesses to use Azure cloud services from their own data center, providing flexibility, control, and consistency between cloud and on-premises environments.

      • Azure Stack comes with key features like Azure Resource Manager for simplifying resource management, Azure Functions for serverless computing, Role-Based Access Control for secure access management, and Azure Service Fabric for managing scalable applications.

      • Azure Stack gives organizations the ability to physically control and secure their data, which can be critical for meeting certain regulatory compliance requirements. It allows data to be stored on-premises while still leveraging the power of cloud technology.

      • Azure Stack allows serverless computing through Azure Functions, enabling developers to build and run applications without the need to manage the underlying infrastructure. This enhances scalability and flexibility.

      • Security is a key priority for Azure Stack. Its Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature ensures secure access management and it allows data to be stored on-premises, providing added control and security. All data is encrypted for additional protection.

      • Yes, Azure Stack can help organizations meet both local and global data regulations.

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