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Offering Services to Nonprofits, Charitable Organizations, and NGOs

Technology evolves quickly, and organizations need to stay protected and up-to-date to keep pursuing their missions. But businesses, multinational corporations, and government agencies aren’t the only organizations that need state-of-the-art technology and cybersecurity protection.


Nonprofits and NGOs also need technology tools to scale their operations and stay agile. They are also increasingly under threat from cybersecurity risks, so they must have the same advanced protection common among for-profit organizations. believes its services can help nonprofits and NGOs reach more people, serve their populations more effectively, and protect their data against potential threats. In the spirit of the organizations we serve, we offer our services to many different types of nonprofits and NGOs either free or at a discounted rate.


If your nonprofit or charitable organization requires technology consulting and strategy services or cybersecurity protection, contact us at today to see if you qualify.

NGOs: Our Areas of Impactcharities, and NGOs is available to many different types of nonprofits, charities, and other NGOs

Environmental Sustainability’s commitment to environmental sustainability is intertwined with our business operations as much as it is a priority for our nonprofit partnerships. We’re committed to seeking sustainable alternatives wherever we can in our business operations.


We also partner with organizations that promote, implement, and educate people about sustainable solutions, whether those organizations are committed to planting trees or improving access to sustainable energy innovations.

Animal Welfare

We treat our pets as members of the family and we want to help charitable organizations extend that love to as many animals as possible. We are happy to provide support by partnering with shelters, humane societies, animal welfare organizations, nonprofit veterinary clinics, and more.

Human Rights

People and their work only thrive when human rights are protected—this principle is at the heart of our company, employees, and business approach. We welcome partnerships with human rights organizations and commit to responsible business practices as a moral imperative.


We recognize the importance for proactive, non-profit support of education in domestic and international environments. That’s why we’re happy to offer advantages to organizations for whom providing accessible education to the underserved is a core principle.

Child Labor & Trafficking

We consider organizations in the fight against child labor and trafficking our champions for responsible international business. At Uvation, we’re proud to partner with these groups—providing solutions that benefit all companies and people across global communities.

Health and Nutrition

Organizations that support the health of and their families perform some of the most vital work in the nonprofit sector. We’re proud to partner with groups that help to feed, clothe, and provide medical services to children and families while ensuring their families are housed and have access to opportunities. also supports charities that assist children at risk, such as those fleeing regional, political, and domestic violence.

Veterans is proud to support organizations that assist veterans and their families. We’re willing to work alongside organizations that offer a range of services, from food and housing to training and education.

Conflict Zones

We acknowledge all people as members of a global community, and recognize the humanitarian imperative to help those marginalized by the world’s harshest conflicts. That’s why we extend benefits to organizations that care for those affected by recognized conflict zones.

Support Offered to NGOs offers the same great support as our parent company, Uvation. We can provide charitable groups, NGOs, and nonprofits that qualify with a complete suite of technology and security capabilities.

SENSIBLE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS helps your organization navigate the technology landscape, so you can identify and implement the tools best suited to your organization’s mission. Our resources ensure you can expand the reach of your organization, helping you do so responsibly and within your budget.


Just like businesses, many nonprofits struggle to manage change within the organization when new technologies are introduced as can help you manage the transition to digital and help you digitize more of your internal processes. Our goal isn’t just to help you maintain continuity but to help you reach new levels of efficiency, so you can serve the community more effectively.


Many of today’s nonprofits and NGOs operate using cloud and hybrid computing infrastructures, but too many are still burdened by legacy systems. By adopting a cloud-ready infrastructure across the organization, nonprofits can optimize their internal workloads, provide more security for donor data, and improve their performance among the communities they serve. can help you assess your organization’s current infrastructure to identify areas for improvement. We can then help you plan and implement a new cloud infrastructure that supports your goals. We partner with the most trusted cloud service providers in the industry to help our partners and clients benefit from innovative computing capabilities.

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Prepare Your Organization for the Future specializes in helping charitable groups deploy, manage, and optimize their technology, so they can be ready for the future. As experts in enterprise technology, we can provide the same capabilities enjoyed by multinational companies to nonprofit groups working to make a difference.


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