• Donations

      Convert your loyalty points into a cash donation to one of Uvation’s top selected charities.

      Give back with Uvation Rewards

      Turn your loyalty points into acts of kindness. With Uvation Rewards Donations, support causes close to your heart by converting points into charitable donations.

      A little goes a long way

      We wanted to give our customers a way to give back when they shop with us. By donating your loyalty point, you’ll be directly supporting the missions of some of the world’s best chairties.

      How donations work

      When you donate loyalty points, each point is converted into a value of dollar amount. Those funds are then donated to a partner charity of your choice.

      Select your charity

      Choose from our list or search for your preferred cause.

      Pick amount

      Decide on your donation amount.

      Confirm donation

      Review and confirm your donation.

      Make an impact

      Your donation directly supports the chosen charity.

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