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Uvation’s Ethics & Code of Conduct

Uvation is committed to corporate responsibility, integrity, and the wellbeing of our employees, our clients, and our
community. We set high standards for the way we conduct business and we are dutiful to all compliance obligations,
working to exceed expectations whenever possible. We apply the same ethical standards to all our partners and representatives.

A Culture of Ethics

We understand that the best way to approach a compliance issue is to keep it from happening in the first place. We promote a culture of ethics within our organization and with our partners to ensure our standards and policies are always being applied.

Internal Auditing

We regularly monitor our compliance status regarding every applicable sector of our business, whether it’s safeguarding data or ensuring our employees are empowered and protected. Each employee is responsible for adhering to our standards, and no member of the organization is beyond reproach, no matter their seniority.

Constant Improvement

When we encounter a problem, we immediately work to remedy it and identify the root causes, so it will never happen again. All of our partners and team members are held accountable for their individual actions.












Uvation’s Inception

In 2010, Uvation was established under the idea that a true technology consultant and partner must become an end-to-end resource for technology solutions. Our founders goal was to provide services, innovative products, and pioneering technologies to organizations operating in the most groundbreaking industries. Uvation committed its efforts to the success of both its clients and their communities at this time.



Our mission is to be of service to organizations participating in the most groundbreaking industries in the world. We will achieve this by providing clients with innovative products, pioneering technologies, and consulting backed by our deep expertise.



Our vision is to become a global, end-to-end consulting company specializing in the focus areas that drive us. We strive to contribute to a more equitable, sustainable, and connected future as well.



Uvation’s primary focus is on the success of our clients and their communities. We believe relationships are built on transparency and trust. We also believe that true innovation makes a measurable difference in people’s lives and produces tangible results.

Uvation’s Focus Areas

We provide transformative services that address the most pressing technology challenges through each
department of our business, which we call our focus areas. We’ve created devoted teams and resources to
focus on specific sectors like aerospace and defense, the public sector, and the nonprofit sector.

Information Technology

As innovative providers of information technology (IT) solutions and consulting services, we at Uvation are constantly monitoring changes in the IT industry.

Aerospace & Defense

Uvation provides innovative solutions to leaders in aerospace and defense (A&D) around the world.


Research & Development

We’re focused on staying at the cutting edge of technology development, both for our internal stakeholders and for the benefit of our clients.

Public Sector

Uvation provides reliable technology, computing, and security solutions to a variety of public institutions, including local governments and agencies.

We believe businesses have an important role to play in supporting global communities. That’s why we created, a partnership program that supports NGOs.

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Environment, Social & Governance

We believe businesses have a responsibility to support their communities. That’s why dedication to the community is one of Uvation’s
core values. In addition to helping communities and the environment through our nonprofit partnership program,, we also
focus on sustainability, equity, and social responsibility through our regular business.

Environmental Sustainability

Uvation’s commitment to environmental sustainability is intertwined with
our values and our mission. We’re committed to seeking sustainable

alternatives wherever we can in our business operations.

Community Impact

The communities we serve and operate in are at the center of every decision we make.
We value our people and their families, and we want to help them prosper.

Responsible Corporate Governance

Corporate responsibility is paramount to the success of our clients, team members,

stakeholders, and communities. Our corporate governance is focused on addressing

current global challenges through our business operations.

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