• Environment, Social, &
      Governance (ESG)

      At Uvation, we recognize the environmental and social impact of our operations, as well as the need for
      corporate governance of practices that impact these global areas of concern. That’s why we apply
      environmental and social policies as well as holistic, top-down governance to all aspect of our business.

      Environmental Impact Management

      Uvation is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen in terms of our impact on the global environment. This includes reducing the environmental impact of our offices and internal operations. It also includes applying environmental principles to strategic sourcing within our partner networks and supply chains.

      <p>Environmental Impact Management</p>

      Social & Cultural Responsibility

      No organization exists in a vacuum—that’s why we acknowledge our responsibility to the communities in which we operate. In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, Uvation’s leaders recognize our social and cultural impact. That’s why we strive to affirm our relationship with the societies aligned with our business activities, and incorporate their priorities and sensitivities into decision making at all levels of our organization.

      <p>Social &amp; Cultural Responsibility</p>

      Employee Diversity, Equity, and

      Inclusion (DEI)

      Employees are our most valuable resource, and we recognize the importanceof having a diverse set of voices at the table. We recognize our responsibility to providing a safe and equitable working environment for employees of all traits and backgrounds as well. That’s why we’re building a better company through rigorous diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) best practices.

      <p>Employee Diversity, Equity, and</p>
<p>Inclusion (DEI)</p>

      Partner and Supplier Code of Conduct

      Uvation has committed itself to the most stringent ethical standards in terms of hiring and human capital management; however, we realize the risk of creating partnerships and empowering companies that inadvertently support careless or cruel business and staffing practices. That’s we employ a well defined code of conduct in establishing our supplier and partner networks.

      <p>Partner and Supplier Code of Conduct</p>

      Regulatory Compliance

      As a global company, Uvation holds itself to the strictest regulatory practices in the international community. This allows us to operate in multiple geographies, and empowers us as we advise our clients on achieving sufficient standards for compliance in their own industries as well.

      <p>Regulatory Compliance</p>

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