• Ethics & Code
      of Conduct

      Uvation is dedicated to fostering integrity and ethical behavior, both within our organization and through
      our global partnerships. We take a robust approach to ethics through corporate governance best
      practices, the responsibility for which sits with our senior company leaders. Uvation ensures compliance
      with all laws, regulations, and cultural expectations within the regions we do business.

      Ethics Guidelines for Our

      Offices and Employees

      Our policy towards ethics extends to all of our global offices and each of our employees. Employees are briefed on our corporate ethics from the start of their relationship with the company. As a result, they apply ethical principles in all aspects of their work—including its community and cultural impact, its environmental impact, and its alignment with regulations, among others.

      <p>Ethics Guidelines for Our</p>
<p>Offices and Employees</p>

      Code of Conduct for Our Partners

      and Suppliers

      Uvation employs its own code of conduct when choosing partners and suppliers. Our code of conduct directly aligns with the highest international principles towards labor, safety, environment, and social responsibility. We apply a rigorous review process before engaging in any partnership, ensuring those companies align with our code.

      <p>Code of Conduct for Our Partners</p>
<p>and Suppliers</p>

      Governance Resting with Our
      Senior Leaders

      Uvation takes a holistic approach to governance whereby ethical responsibility for all business practices, partnerships, investments, operations, and behavior rests with our senior executives. Our leaders review our policy towards ethics and our code of conduct on an annual basis, comparing our approach to the world’s most rigorous standards so that we can improve them on an ongoing basis.

      <p>Governance Resting with Our<br />
Senior Leaders</p>

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