• The Benefits of Managed Security


      Cost-Effective Cybersecurity

      Cybersecurity is a necessity, but it shouldn’t place an undue burden on your budget. Working with managed security experts helps you mitigate costs and save time.


      With managed security, you can focus on growing your business and driving value for your customers instead


      Instant Access to Security Tools and Expertise

      It’s already challenging to find top-notch cybersecurity personnel, and it can be prohibitively expensive. Choosing the right team, the right technology, and the right strategy can take months of work when you need high-tier security now.


      Working with a managed security team provides you with access to comprehensive security solutions and industry-leading expertise almost instantly. Upgrade your security posture faster.


      Automatic Updating and Patching

      Most companies rely on a wide variety of technologies, each of which has its own security vulnerabilities. New exploits to operating systems, applications, and infrastructure are emerging all the time, and keeping up with security patches can be a difficult process.


      Managed security experts use automation to update and patch vulnerabilities quickly, the moment they are uncovered. You won’t need to patch your systems manually ever again.


      A Scalable Security Solution

      Managed security is both scalable and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. Focus on the growth of your business, then add additional security resources as you need them. There’s no need to hire new security staff internally or restructure your departments.

      Get Superior Protection with Uvation Managed Security

      Uvation’s team of managed security experts is prepared to analyze your current security posture and recommend an action plan for defending your networks. We’ll connect you with powerful security technologies, empowering you with the same level of security as the largest companies.


      Contact Uvation today to start improving your security posture.

      Get Superior Protection with Uvation Managed Security

      Managed Security Explained



      Managed security services were born from the necessity of all businesses to protect themselves against cyberattacks while contending with a threat landscape that is constantly changing. It is also a necessity due to the increasing costs of preventing cybercrime and the high costs associated with successful attacks. According to McAfee, losses to global cybercrime have exceeded $1 trillion, up 50% from 2018.


      Currently, there aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals available to fully staff security teams at every company. That gap is also widening. In 2019, there were almost 3 million vacant cybersecurity jobs across the world.


      Those professionals who are available for work are often hired by larger companies that can offer higher paying salaries and better benefits. This leaves smaller companies to fend for themselves, relying on consumer-oriented security systems and their overstretched IT staff to keep their systems and data safe.


      This is especially problematic given that cyberattacks on smaller organizations are much more common than many believe. According to Security Magazine, 67% of companies with fewer than 1,000 employees have experienced a cyberattack and 60% of small businesses could go out of business due to damages associated with a cyberattack.


      Most organizations don’t have the funds to maintain state-of-the-art security operations in-house, so they look outside for help. Originally, they turned to managed service providers (MSPs), which offered a range of IT services but didn’t necessarily specialize in security.


      Now, managed security service providers (MSSPs) fill that role, providing comprehensive security features to business clients that would otherwise not be able to secure their networks.


      What a Managed Security Services Provider Does

      MSSPs are network security service companies that serve other businesses on a contract basis. As outsourced security professionals, you hire an MSSP the same way you might hire a market agency. They aren’t your employees, but they serve your company as per the terms of your contract.


      Most MSSPs serve as fractional augmentations to your own IT staff. But they also serve small businesses that don’t have a formal IT department but still need network security.


      MSSPs provide their clients with technology, manpower, and expertise that are difficult to find or afford when security is brought in-house. MSSPs deploy, configure, and maintain security technologies like intrusion protection systems (IPS), anti-virus programs, firewalls, and more. In the event of an incident, an MSSP can respond quickly or help the company develop a plan so they can respond internally.


      MSSPs may offer a broad range of services, or they may be hired to work on a specific security issue. For example, MSSPs can provide direct training to company personnel to help them prevent cyberattacks. They may help in designing password protocols, building structures of access to sensitive data, and doing other types of security training.


      Finally, an MSSP can provide the company with comprehensive security reporting through 24/7 monitoring of the network. They can audit the company’s security infrastructure regularly and ensure they are compliant with relevant industry regulations.

      Managed Security with Uvation

      You don’t have to hire a team of security professionals internally to protect yourself from cybersecurity threats. Our experts can help you secure your network for a fraction of the cost.


      Uvation provides its managed security customers with a straightforward process to help them achieve a better security posture. We’ll do an audit of your current security infrastructure, deploy fixes and improvements, then monitor your network regularly to ensure you are protected from potential threats.

      Audit Your Current Security Infrastructure

      A comprehensive audit of your security infrastructure will spot weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We’ll then design a plan of action that will take you to a heightened security posture.

      Augment Your Team with Security Experts

      With Uvation, you get instant access to cybersecurity experts who can protect you against the latest security threats. You’ll be able to leverage the latest security technologies and protocols at a fraction of the cost of doing so internally.

      Deploy Your New Cybersecurity Regimen

      Uvation will deploy your new security program to put you in a safer, more streamlined position. We can even work with your team to ensure they are using the network safely and avoiding common security pitfalls.

      Get Regular Reporting, Patches, and Monitoring

      Once deployed, Uvation will monitor your security infrastructure to ensure it is up to date with the latest vulnerability patches and security updates. We’ll detect any intrusions to your network and work with you to resolve any incidents if they occur.

      Key Managed Security Technologies

      A successfully managed security operation is predicated on leveraging the latest security technologies and being knowledgeable about how to deploy them. The following are just a few of the core security technologies you can expect to see when working with an MSSP.


      Your firewall monitors and controls network traffic based on predetermined rules. We can help you set up these barriers and protect your company against intrusions.

      Web Content Filtering

      Web content filtering programs ensure your staff can only access parts of the internet related to their work. They can also help you prevent accidental downloads of malicious software, spyware, and viruses.

      Antivirus Programs

      Antivirus programs are designed to prevent and detect malicious software on your network. Most computers come with built-in antivirus capabilities, but your company needs corporate-level antivirus software to protect your data.

      Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems

      This type of software detects potential data breaches and ex-filtration transmissions. It monitors and blocks sensitive data while it's in use, ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

      Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

      These systems monitor your network, searching for potential intrusions. A successful IPS will collect information about incidents and take preventative measures to keep them from causing damage.

      Identity and Privileged Access Management

      Identity access management (IAP) and privilege access management (PAM) are protocols that ensure employees only have access to data or systems necessary for doing their job. If your company keeps sensitive data, these types of programs can keep it in the right hands.

      Threat Intelligence Platforms

      Threat intelligence platforms analyze threat data from several sources to give your security team a full picture of the current threat landscape.

      Vulnerability Scanning and System Patching Tools

      Vulnerability scanning tools automatically and regularly scan your network, looking for gaps in your security. These types of tools can also patch vulnerabilities when they become known, protecting you from potential threats.

      Read our Case Studies and Thought Leadership Insights About Managed Security

      Read our Case Studies and Thought Leadership Insights About Managed Security

      No organization should risk a cyberattack.

      Contact Uvation to learn more about our managed services and to see how we can help you shore up your defenses.

      No organization should risk a cyberattack.