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I. Engage


Cybersecurity threats are evolving faster than ever before. Recent attacks are characterized by sophisticated methods and malware that are designed to evade detection. No matter your organization, cybersecurity has become a critical priority.


Unfortunately, many organizations lack the necessary internal resources to protect themselves against these threats. That’s why Uvation provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions as a service to both enterprises and growing organizations. With Uvation, cybersecurity teams enjoy frequently updated software, strategic incident response, and 24/7 monitoring and support to supplement their internal capabilities.

Managed Security Services...

Organizations of all sizes need comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect themselves against today's threats. Industry-leading managed security from Uvation ensures organizations keep their organizations safe, no matter the extent of their internal cybersecurity resources. Uvation’s cybersecurity experts help design, deploy, and manage their security infrastructure so they can safeguard their assets with the latest capabilities and expert support.

SOC as a Service...

Uvation's security operations center (SOC) as a Service provides organizations with the visibility and control that they need to defend their organizations against the latest threats. Our team of certified security analysts provides around-the-clock monitoring of our clients' systems, backed by cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies.

Incident Response...

Uvation provides comprehensive incident response services that assist organizations in detecting, isolating, and eliminating threats quickly and effectively. Our team of cybersecurity experts works with internal stakeholders to understand their organization's unique needs and develops a customized incident response plan. Companies can access the resources and support they need to respond to cyber attacks, minimizing damage and accelerating their path to recovery.

II. Analyze


Uvation performs robust analyses and testing, exposing flaws and identifying potential issues through penetration tests and vulnerability assessments. Our cybersecurity experts work with organizations to assess their existing cybersecurity stack, understand their risks, and suggest upgrades as part of a
tailored solution to reduce their risk threshold. Uvation then collaborates with internal cybersecurity teams to enhance their security posture and implement a variety of security measures to protect against today’s leading cyber threats.

Evaluate vulnerabilities and threat vectors

Identify improvement areas and solutions

Future-proof cybersecurity operations

Uvation’s security operations center (SOC) as a service provides clients with critical capabilities such as
threat intelligence, vulnerability management, system patching, and incident response.

III. Deliver


Uvation provides cybersecurity leaders with a comprehensive suite of solutions based on our in-depth analysis of their unique cybersecurity risks. Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each organization and delivered as a service, so they can be implemented and managed easily by internal
teams. No matter their circumstances, Uvation provides the cybersecurity expertise, tools, and support that organizations need to protect themselves against today's threats.

Delivering threat intelligence and recommendations

Minimizing damage and cybersecurity breaches

Accelerating incident response and recovery

IV. Build


Never go through a day of security uncertainty again. Uvation provides the best of all modern security technologies—firewalls, antivirus programs, intrusion prevention systems, identity management solutions, threat intelligence, and much more. We also help you future-proof your operations and
prepare for the next big transformation in cybersecurity threats. And since we offer ongoing monitoring in support, you are always on the leading edge of security capabilities so you can focus on remaining competitive in your industry or field.

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