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I. Engage


No matter your industry, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect. In response, cyber security solutions have also needed to evolve and become more complex. Machine learning is a critical part of this evolution.


Machine learning algorithms can automatically spot patterns in data that humans would miss. Thismeans that they can be used to identify the risk of both known and unknown risks. Uvation supports machine learning-powered cyber security solutions that adapt to new threats as they emerge,
making them more effective at stopping attacks.

What is cyber security with machine learning?...

Traditional information security technologies are not able to keep up with the pace of change in the cyber security landscape. Increasingly, cyber security incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to help identify both known and unknown risks. Cyber security systems can learn from patterns and adapt to changing behavior by employing machine learning.

How is machine learning used in cyber security?...

In addition to proactively detecting and adapting to threats, machine learning can help security teams become more efficient and effective in their work. By automating tasks that are traditionally done manually, cyber security teams can free up time to focus on more strategic tasks. Machine learning can also help reduce false positives, which often plague traditional information security solutions.

What are the biggest cyber security threats right ...

Some of the biggest cyber security threats right now include ransomware, phishing attacks, and data breaches. Although these threats have existed for some time, they are evolving to become more sophisticated and difficult to detect. Machine learning can help identify these threats more quickly and effectively.

II. Analyze


The cyber security experts at Uvation work with small, mid-market, and enterprise companies to assess their cyber security needs and recommend the best solutions. To properly assess a company’s cyber security needs, the Uvation team looks at a variety of factors, including the size of the company, its
industry, and its cyber security posture. After taking all of these factors into account, the team makes recommendations on which cyber security solutions would be most effective for the company. We

The company's existing technologies, security capabilities, and vulnerabilities

The industry in which the company operates

The desirability of the company's digital assets and data to attackers

Uvation develops a deep understanding of our client’s security needs, helping to identify opportunities where machine learning, automation, and AI can increase protection and free up internal resources.

III. Deliver


Uvation can deliver lasting protection, no matter your existing assets, data, or cyber security maturity. Upon assessing your needs, Uvation develops and implements a managed cyber security solution that puts your security, data, and business interests first. Uvation supports a wide range of information
security capabilities; our teams also provide ongoing support with enabling multi-factor authentication, using strong passwords and password management, updating software, recognizing and reporting phishing, and more.

Reduced risk and vulnerabilities

Improved cyber security outlook and posture

Increased efficiency of security and IT teams

IV. Build


Upon implementation, you can proceed with the confidence that your cyber security solution is built on the latest technologies and trends. Since Uvation’s managed cyber security solutions are constantly adapting to new risks and threats, our team can provide you with the most up-to-date protection possible, without sacrificing performance or stability. What’s more, our team will work tirelessly to keep your business safe from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats throughout the lifetime of your company.

Machine learning is accelerating innovation in attack methods.

“When it comes to cyber security... the potential for machine learning to have a dramatic and lasting impact is real.

Organizations using AI and automation had a

74-day shorter breach lifecycle and saved an average of

USD 3 million more than those without.