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I. Engage


With a reputation for quality that spans over 150 years, one leading consumer products company continues to bring beloved merchandise to consumers all over the globe. The company has built the strongest portfolio of brands in the industry, featuring leadership brands sold in 180 countries that remain household names in those regions today. Half of those brands generate more than $1 billion in annual sales as their products continue to improve lives every day.

I. Engage

Custom Applications...

Uvation’s application development teams identify specific pain points within your business processes and develop a holistic, custom solution to address the needs of your teams, your customers, and your business.

Strategic Consulting...

We know how delicate and important your ongoing relationships with customers can become. It’s critical the processes associated with those relationships both meet their expectations and drive your business results. Uvation is a strategic partner in developing optimized, customer-facing solutions.

Industry Expertise...

Our solutions are based on a deep understanding of your industry—including the priorities of your customers, team members, and business. We work constantly to make our partners more productive, more profitable, and better able to seize on new market opportunities.

II. Analyze


Driven by cost fluctuations and complexities associated with the vast range of products the company offers, its teams struggled to produce accurate and timely quotes for their largest organizational purchasers. Without an automated quoting system, team members were forced to manually generate estimates each time a customer representative connected with them to place an order. This inefficient process hurt productivity, time management, and associated workflows as well as the bottom line. These manual processes resulted in:

Inefficient Workflows

Cumbersome Order Processing

Poor Allocation of Human Resources

The company has witnessed increased productivity among team members previously occupied with manual processes and significant ROI based on their ability to save on labor and order processing among team members.

III. Deliver


Uvation set out to streamline and improve the company’s B2B quoting and order management processes. Uvation’s development team produced an application and interface that enabled the company’s customers to generate their own product quotes. The result is a streamlined, automated quoting process that requires minimal employee intervention. The application achieved the following goals for the company:

Time Efficiencies

Increased Productivity

Better Allocation of Human Resources

III. Deliver

IV. Build


Today, the company continues to thrive thanks to the application’s efficiency and automated self-service capabilities for its customers. The company has witnessed increased productivity among team members previously occupied with manual processes. The company has also realized significant ROI based on its ability to save on labor and order processing costs among team members. Their customers enjoy the simplicity of the interface as well.


of B2B sales will be generated digitally

by 2023

B2B online sales will reach

$1.8 trillion

in 2023

CPG companies increased their tech budgets

by 8%

in the past three years