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Sales & Client Services

Contact us through the following channels for general inquiries, sales assistance, billing, and eCommerce assistance.

General Inquiries
+1 855 563 3064‬ (North America)

Sales Assistance
+1 855 563 3064‬ (North America)

Billing & Accounts
+1 855 563 3064‬ (North America)

Online Store, Shopping & Shipping Assistance
+1 833 631 7912‬ (North America)


Embracing the Future of Work

Uvation has embraced a hybrid workforce model so that employees from different geographies and with different levels of accessibility can work together without limitations. Our generous perks, family support, and openness to accommodating unique circumstances mean no employee should ever have to choose between work and wellness.


Visit our employee benefits page to learn more about our policies on employee health and wellbeing, time away, family, and investment opportunities, as well as our approach to community and charity goals.

Uvation is an Equal Opportunity employer

Uvation is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative
Action employer. You can read our full Equal Opportunity statement by
visiting the Careers homepage.