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The Uvation Cloud has been built to help you solve problems and advance opportunities in a world flush with data. Whether it’s data you possess, data outside your firewall, or data that’s coming, the Uvation Cloud helps you protect it, move it, integrate it and unlock intelligence from it — giving you what it takes to prevail in a competitive market.

The Uvation Cloud advantage

Focus on enterprise innovation

It’s your cloud. Choose where and how you want it.

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Make your data make sense

Put all of your data to work, no matter where it lives.

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Infuse cognitive throughout your company

Move from insights to intelligence with systems that learn.

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Tap into industry and technology expertise

Access the latest technologies, methods and expertise to continuously innovate.

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Focus on innovation

Select your delivery models, locations, services, tools and data to meet your specific workload needs. You can build on top of what you have, connecting applications across all types of cloud with on-premises systems. The Uvation Cloud is open by design, giving you the flexibility and control you need to leverage your skills and technology investments.

Use public cloud to solve real-world problems

Exceed your customer’s expectations and make your employees more impactful by pulling more meaning from data and leveraging AI to expand and transform your business.

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Try private cloud for the power of cloud behind the firewall

Get the advantages of public cloud behind your firewall for reliable, consistent performance with virtually unmatched scalability.

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Innovate with multicloud

Integrate and manage your cloud, regardless of your vendor.

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The platform for innovation

Bringing together infrastructure and platform services, the Uvation Cloud platform offers a rich assortment of infrastructure, cognitive, software and services to accelerate the pace of your business. With Uvation Cloud, you can nimbly balance optimization and innovation with a cloud powered for you.

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Open by design

Uvation is committed to open technologies as demonstrated through our leadership in major open initiatives and our investment in building our own offerings on open technologies.

Open by design

Trust Uvation Cloud

Built from the ground up with security in mind, the Uvation Cloud includes around-the-clock monitoring and alignment with key industry security standards to give you confidence as you move to cloud.

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Make your data make sense

With the Uvation Cloud, you can more easily tap into and integrate the vast amounts of data available — from your own business, Uvation and third parties — to gain unprecedented insight and give you the advantage, no matter your industry.

Bring your data together

Take advantage of the latest integration models and connect to all of the data you need.

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Find answers and opportunities in data

Fuel your cognitive future using our portfolio of big data and analytics solutions.

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Infuse cognitive throughout your company

The Uvation Cloud architecture is built so that you can easily apply AI and machine learning capabilities to your enterprise workloads. Using these integrated cognitive capabilities, you can set yourself apart from the competition with deeper understanding and virtually unmatched intelligence.

Intelligent apps and services

Uvation has made a deliberate decision to open Uvation Watson® technology to the world by offering Watson APIs through its cloud platform. You can use these APIs as the cognitive building blocks that enable you to integrate Watson capabilities into your digital applications, products and operations. Insights that were never accessible before can now be at your fingertips to drive more informed decision making.

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Tap into industry and technology expertise

Continuously develop and deliver your solutions with speed using the newest tools and methods developed based on decades of experience and best practices. Uvation Cloud specialists help make sure you get the most out of cloud, no matter where you are on your cloud journey — from initial strategy development to building your first app. They bring deep industry, business, technology and domain expertise, advanced skills and connections to a rich ecosystem of open communities.

A consultancy with the DNA of a startup

The Uvation Cloud Garage brings together Uvation Design Thinking, lean startup, agile DevOps and extreme programming to help you transform your industry. When you visit an Uvation Cloud Garage, you learn how to create personas and user stories to understand pain points, prioritize backlogs to deliver the minimum viable product and build user-experience prototypes. You also learn how to deliver incremental value and validate it with sponsor users.

How to get started with the Uvation Cloud Garage

Improve your team’s collaboration to deploy faster

Applying the DevOps methodology removes development silos to speed your time to market.

What is DevOps?

The transformative power of blockchain

Reshape your industry with the power of blockchain technology, which digitizes your transaction workflow.

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Thoughts on Cloud

Explore the Uvation Thoughts on Cloud blog where our specialists share their expertise and ideas on key topics related to cloud.

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Learn how Uvation Cloud is delivering value to clients

Uvation Cloud offers nearly 60 data centers around the world to help you meet the needs of your global business.

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Learn how Uvation Cloud is delivering value to clients

From startups to enterprises and from all industries, Uvation clients attest to how the Uvation Cloud is elevating their businesses with competitive advantages.

Qantas Airways uses DevOps to gain advantage

Australia’s largest airline transforms application development, testing and service virtualization with Uvation DevOps.

Walmart accelerates development with API management

Walmart is building a platform driven by APIs to provide its developers with a self-service platform that supports faster development.

BlueShield of California improves responsiveness with IT agility

This insurance provider used a hybrid cloud solution to modernize provisioning.

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