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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly: Get Free Cisco Live 2017 Pass!

Here’s an exciting holiday season offer you won’t want to miss! uvation  is now offering you a FREE Cisco Live 2017 full conference pass worth $2,000 for every $100,000USD of eligible Cisco product families you purchase*. In other words, the more you buy, the more free tickets you receive. Wait, it gets better! We are […]

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The Top 4 Reasons Your Business Should Conduct a Network Assessment

Why perform a network assessment? There are a number of business benefits of conducting a network assessment. It goes far beyond a maintenance check – providing a key enabler for strategic planning and growth. Undertaking a network assessment may include an analysis of security vulnerabilities, hardware and software alerts, inventory listing of your network devices, […]

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Cyber Security as Strategic Advantage and Growth Enabler

Cyber Security is no longer just about risk management and resilience. Cyber Security is now instrumental to an organisation’s growth and a key enabler for digital innovation. Let’s take a closer look at five ways Cyber Security can create strategic advantage and differentiation for your organisation.

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